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The Vitality Living Method® Personal Training Programme is designed for weightloss and wellbeing. For the past 20 years, I have been a member of one gym or another. I have tried every class, every fitness fad and every new technique that has ever been created. For years my spare room was full of exercise equipment . You would find modified Pilates reformers to weights, kettle bells and spinning bikes. I could never resist the marketing that this latest gadget would finally get me the body I wanted. I tried endless fitness classes. When nothing seems to work for very long, I decided that maybe there was something I was missing. So I trained as a personal training. During the same year, I undertook a Barre Fitness Instructor Programme. Both neither of them offered a conclusive results based programme. So I embarked on a personal research programme which involved comparing the results of different types of exercise. For one year, I worked out in the gym rigorously, I designed a programme that involved weights and cardio and I ate a low calorie diet. I worked out in the gym up to 5 days per week and made juices, plant based protein and vegetables . The results seemed to be pretty good. However , within 3 months, I was craving sugar, had little energy and had gained almost 24 pounds. I noticed that many other gym devotees ended up looking bulky and heavy too. But I persevered for 12 months. Needless to say, I was my heaviest weight ever after this time. It seems that my blood sugars did not respond well to this low calorie way of living and I felt hungry almost all the time. I can only surmise that sort of exercise and diet just didn't work for me. And when I looked around the gym and spoke to clients at my detox clinic, I realised that it didn't seem to work for many other people in the long term.

Why is Vitality Living Method® Weight loss Programme Different? There is no patronising consultations with a "weight loss expert". This programme is designed to empower you to learn about your body, to know when you are hungry and know what it feels like to feel clean, detoxed and full of energy. I'll be doing this programme too. Because if I wasn't I too would pile on the unwanted pounds just like anyone else. This programme is for real women and men who know that there is no short term quick fix answer to a perfect body, but there is a clear path. This programme takes work. It takes commitment and it takes dedication. This programme is not for one week or 10 days. This is for life. It is not about starving your body or running on a treadmill for hours and hours every week. It is designed to enable you to do most of the work yourself. All you need is commitment, a little practice and after a few weeks your body will crave the exercises and food that my programme offers you. If I can do it. Anyone can. Remember, I was never the skinny girl. I struggled for years and I tried every diet, slimming club, exercise programme and weight loss fad out there and I piled on the pounds after each one of them. Vitality Living Method® Weight loss programme works and will work for you for the rest of your life as long as you are prepared to find between 40 to 60 minutes every day to exercise using my techniques, to eat the food on my plan, drink 2 litres of pure fresh water and to listen to your body. Personal Exercise Training Programme - Vitality Living Method® As a qualified personal trainer, I spent many years in the gym and like you I became bored and disillusioned by my lack of results. That is why have created a programme that has many benefits. - You dont need to be a member of any gym - You dont need any equipment only a yoga mat , headphones, a small clear space - You can do this programme anytime - You won't end up looking bulky and heavy.
- Frances Flannery | Personal Trainer & Director of Vitality Living Method®

I developed the Vitality Living Method® Exercise Programme using all that I had learned from the last 20 years of personal dieting experience. I combined with my own experience with rigourous academic studies and one to one experience in the fields of detox, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, nursing, Colonic Irrigation Dublin training and personal training. I decided to write down everything that had worked for me in the past. Again I began the programme with a 3 day colonic cleanse over 3 weeks. This time, I devised a diet that allowed small amounts of high quality organic protein combined with plenty of greens. The weight dropped off. After 3 days, I was already back in my skinny jeans. OK, it was a bit of a squeeze but I felt lighter, had more energy and was able to fully engage with the dance based exercise and mat workout which I had designed. After 3 months, I was still losing well and feeling better than I had in a long time. I looked and felt amazing. At last, I had found a programme of exercise and that was enjoyable, sustainable long term and did not require endless hours of mind numbing treadmill or repetitive spinning. Best of all I never felt hungry and ate real food every day. The Vitality Living Method® Weight loss Programme was born, a programme that allows me to redesign your body and how you will think about yourself, your food and your exercise. But best of all, my programme is designed to to make you feel amazing. As you look after yourself, your overall wellbeing will improve, your self esteem and mental image will improve. I offer recorded positive affirmations optionally for those who want them. These positive affirmations use the words of a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. These are designed to help you change the way you see yourself and the world around you.


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